Dear Mac

You graduated this past week and now you are sailing through the Bahamas. La te da. Life is good.

You are like my little sister and I love you so much (even though, like Sarah Ann, you don't say it back). I admire your humour, your eye for photography, your technical theater knowledge, your ability to think logically in every situation. You are beautiful, sweet, even tempered, a hard worker, dedicated, and loyal.

It makes no difference whether you go to Yale, Boulder, UGA, or Columbus State. I don't care if you major in Art, Theater, or Chemical Engineering. I just want you to be happy doing whatever it is that life throws your way. Whether living in a downtown loft or the barn apartment, the next few years are going to be amazing. You aren't going to love every minute and sometimes it might feel like you never left high school, but this next chapter is so important and you are going to thrive! I just know it.

As you study the stuff that makes you happy, just remember that whatever happens, my offer still stands if you want to come with me and be a National Geographic photographer. I'll do all the talking. All you have to do is grunt and sign for more bread and water. Who needs ambition when they have an offer like that from Theresa Garcia?

I've got your back.

Love always,