Alabama the Beautiful. Seriously.

I am a Georgia girl through and through. I have always lived on the eastern side of the Chattahoochee and not that I think I always will, but I am partial nonetheless. However, this weekend I ventured over into Alabama for my friend Kimble's wedding. The wedding was in Birmingham, Alabama and I was fortunate enough to have friends in the city to stay with for the weekend.

The drive up 280 from Columbus to Birmingham is not an exciting one, but beautiful by all accounts. Or it's at least beautiful once you get past Opelika. I jammed along to Chicago (The Musical), Jack Johnson, Michael Buble, and Allen Levi and went through spurts of sunshine and rain before arriving at the Deaton home. The Deatons are long time family friends and were extremely gracious to let me crash at their house for the night. The weekend was spent with good friends from all areas of life reminding me once again how good God is to me.

Kimble and Matt's wedding was gorgeous. The ceremony was performed by James Rockwell, Area Director for the Greater Columbus Young Life chapter, and full of God's word. The reception was hosted at the Carraway-Davie House where guests were treated to amazing food and fabulous band. Columbus was certainly well represented with a number of Young Life folks as well as other friends.

The weekend was rounded out by graduation at Brookstone School back in Columbus on Sunday night. Betsy Flournoy, Ann Wilson, Mary Francis Flowers, Sam Teeples, and Anna Varner among others were honored in a ceremony held in the gymnasium at the school. Rain caused the event to be moved in doors and away from the traditional location of the quad in the middle of campus. However, the rain did not prevent attendees and graduates alike from enjoying themselves and celebrating the accomplishments of the class of 2009.

Overall, the weekend was a success. I really do love Birmingham and all it has to offer (more on this later), but in all honesty, "Georgia on my mind" is the song I start to sing as I get about five miles away from the Georgia state line. Thank you, Ray Charles.