Dear Sarah Ann

You are graduating today and I am still a little shell shocked by that thought.  In my mind, you are still running around in jeans with holes in them and pretending to be the boy in whatever story we are acting out.  There is no way that you are seriously a high school graduate and transferring to Georgia Tech soon.  

But the truth is, you are a high school graduate and you are transferring to Georgia Tech soon.  You are someone that I am proud to be related to.  You are smart and funny.  Strong-willed and diligent.  You are one of the strongest people I know and you aren't afraid of much.  I love your determination and your drive.  I am thrilled that you are going to Tech and I am serious about paying your activities fee. I appreciate your candor and honesty. I like to know what you think about various situations and I am continuously surprised by your wisdom.  I appreciate that you are slow to speak.  I enjoy your stories about school.  I sympathize with you in your hardships and I am your biggest fan when you achieve anything at all.  You are smarter than I will ever be and you are humble about it all.  
I love you so much.  I know that you are excited about the future.  I am so proud to be your sister. Know that I will always stand behind you in your decisions and I will always be there being whatever you need me to be in that moment.  You are my favorite eighteen year old sister.