On my 21st Birthday

Dear Younger Me,
It's our 21st birthday. I know, I never thought we would make it to this day either. Not because of anything morbid, but it just seemed so far away. There are a few things I want to share with you, so listen up.
On Looks:
You know how you hate your body? Stop it. You look awesome. Your thighs are super tiny and you look like you are supposed to look. I know you think that your hair looks awesome with that middle part, but it really doesn't. No worries, you discover the side part relatively soon. Keep running. It's good for you and you love it.

On School:
Pay attention in Spanish and do your homework. You will want that later on. And stick with the math. It stinks, but believe me, you need it. Enjoy every moment at LaGrange College and be careful in your Movement class. There is going to be a super rainy day. Watch your step going down the stairs to the science building. That fall is the worst. Don't get too sad when your time at LaGrange is over. Enjoy having your own room at home. Be willing to learn what you can at CSU.

On People:
Enjoy Grammy and Granddaddy while you can. They are gone before you know it. And call Grandma on a regular basis. Don't yell at the kids so much, you are going to want to start being friends with them soon and the past might get in the way a bit. Listen to Mom and Dad about the Plumber. They are right and you are wrong. Besides, Ben is right around the corner. Don't be so hard on Ben. Give a little more and don't expect so much. You are too young to get married anyway.

On Work:
Savor your job with Ken. There will never be another one like it. Throw yourself into Young Life sooner. The job with the B&B...yeah. Quit sooner.

On yourself:
Be willing to stand up for yourself. Be honest. Don't stay out in the sun so long when you are at the beach with Liz and Caroline, you will regret it. Watch out for that car when you are headed home from house sitting. You aren't going to be hurt, but you are going to cry. Play more, don't schedule every moment. Be ok with just "being." Slow down, you miss a lot when you go so fast. Do what you love and even though you might not like where you are, just keep being Theresa and it all turns out in the end. Read your bible more and pray hard. God is listening and you will know that for sure later on down the road. Enjoy being at home and don't be in such a hurry to grow up. Savor those roadtrips to Texas and the beach. You will miss those. Josie is awesome. (Disclaimer-Josie and Gigi are standing with me and Josie took over. You are going to love Tuesdays and Thursdays.)

Most of all, just enjoy the moment. Don't be too worried about how the future unfolds. Just focus on Today.