The Longest Weekend Ever

I feel like I haven't slept in days. Friday consisted of a day with Luke, "Charm School" at the Springer, dinner at The Market with Anthony, some cousin time, and finally a few hours of sleep. Saturday was a bit more hectic with the Young Life pancake breakfast, a 5k (that was really more like a 10k...SURPRISE), lunch with Mac, an hour's nap, and babysitting the Yancy girls. Whew. After that it was once again bedtime for T. A few more hours of sleep, church, a couple of errands, and now time with my family before starting what I am sure is going to be an eventful week.

Don't get me wrong. The weekend was awesome. Nothing compares to The Market or time with my Young Life family. And keeping those girls is always a highlight. Allow me to elaborate.

Stella: Here, you can sleep with this doll.
Me: Thanks, honey.
Stella: Where are you going to sleep?
Me: At my house.
Stella. Oh...I'm going to need that back.

Maggie: jhdsgfiutjndlgjargnr;g
Me: Say what, Maggs?
Me: Can you show me?
Points to her covers.
Me: Do you want the covers pulled back?
Maggie nods.
Me: OK.
I went to tuck Emma in and when I came back down the hall I heard:
Maggie: Ewe down't do dis wite.
Me: What is it, sweetheart?
Maggie: sdfkjghlsrjdhkslhd
Me (disparagingly): Show me, Maggs.
Maggie: Cuwtains.
Me: Pull them together?
Maggie: Wes.
Me: OK. Got it. That all, Princess Maggie?
Maggie (Sighs deeply): Wes. I wuv ewe.

And this is why I love keeping the Yancey girls.

Weekends are great, although I am partial to Sundays. I am sitting here watching a really lame movie with my family. And even though it is a lame movie, we are together and Ben is making silly remarks and Jess is doing his cockney accent and Mom and Dad are laughing our silliness. Yes. Sundays are good.

On to a busy week. More on that later.