"We are close."

Rearcous Smith was a man among men. A killer smile, the voice of an angel, a talking voice that I could listen to for hours, a loving heart, a kind word for everyone (to their face and behind their back), and a way of saying "Baby" that could make my heart melt, Rearcous was just special. Plain and simple.

Several summers ago, I was interning at the Springer and I was the personal intern for Ron Anderson's son, Max, who has autism. At the time, Max was really struggling, although he is doing really well now. Anyway, Max was having a particularly hard time in Rearcous' Musical Theater class and everyday it seemed like there was something else. Rearcous' heart hurt for Max and I remember one specific day that we both just sat and cried together. The following days were much better as we worked together to make Rea's class the best possible experience for Max.

Another example of Rearcous' sweet heart was when we were both cast in "Suessical, The Musical." A heavy dance show, I have no idea what possessed Paul Pierce to cast me, but he did. Rearcous worked with me before and after rehearsal to make sure that I was ready for opening. And I was...for the most part.

Rearcous was a talented teacher, a triple threat in the world of theater, one of the kindest people I have ever met, and a very dear friend. I love him and I am going to miss those hugs and "Heeeeyyy, Baby!" mixed with that infectious laughter.

"Today will be a wonderful day because I have made a positive change in my life. I've made a choice to be all I can, because I know things will work out right if I have faith. I can do anything if I try. I know that I can, I know that I will. Today!"