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Who Says You Can't Have It All?

**First published in her Magazine** Eliza Mason Morrill is the quintessential “girl next door.” Walk into her house on any given day of the week and you’ll be greeted with a smile and a “Heeeeeyyy!” She’ll offer you something to drink and apologize for her house being what she calls “dirty”. But this mom of almost 2 year-old twin boys, who also owns her own business, is more put together than she lets on. It takes a strong-willed woman to live the life she’s chosen. But Eliza’s bold determination is just a part of her success.

Eliza has lived in Columbus with her family since the age of 5. She attended Brookstone School and after graduation, attended the University of Vermont and later the University of Georgia. Majoring in Journalism, Eliza interned at NBC News and NBCUniversal, working specifically on Hardball with Chris Matthews, Dateline NBC, and Tom Brokaw Reports. But she chose to come home to Columbus upon graduation, taking a position with a local hospital in the marketing department.

In 2013, Eliza married her college sweetheart, Mike Morrill, a native New Yorker who practices law here in Columbus. Eliza continued to work in the corporate arena after they married until 2014. Her passions lied elsewhere and realizing something was missing, Eliza took a leap of faith and started her own photography business. In the beginning, her focus was fairly broad, taking clients who needed headshots, family photos, wedding pictures, or a birth photographer. But, as most business owners find, especially the creative ones, her focus became much narrower over time. She settled into her happy spot, specializing in intimate, outdoor weddings.

In the middle of starting her own business, she set up home, moved, set up her home again, and in December of 2014, Eliza found out she was pregnant. But not just any kind of pregnant. Pregnant with twins. She kept on booking weddings, committed to her clients and her promise to document their special day. It’s probably why Eliza Morrill Photography has been featured in so many online and print publications, including: Style Me Pretty, The Knot, Huffington Post, Southern Weddings, Wedding Chicks, LooksLikeFilm, The Celebration Society, Borrowed + Blue, Rustic Wedding Chic, Vows + Valor, Southern Views Magazine, and several others. Eliza has received The Best of Wedding Wire award for the past two years. Which is pretty impressive, considering she has been a full-time mom in those two years. In August of 2015, Eliza and Mike welcomed Andrew “Mills” and James Burkhart “Hart” Morrill into the world. It never occurred to Eliza to give up the successful business she had grown from scratch. Instead, she embraced the flexibility of her schedule, and set out to conquering motherhood.

Any bride lucky enough to snag Eliza for her wedding day gets a fairly intimate look at how Eliza is in her everyday life. She is funny, out-going, detail oriented, self-less, and effortless in her movements, no matter the space. What you see is what you get with Eliza, whether it is as a wife, a mom, a friend, or a business owner. She is a communicator by nature and, even more importantly, she listens.  She is true to her word. She is kind, open-minded, and warm. She is the kind of woman we should all strive to be. She's a giver, she's a straight shooter, and she's loyal. She practices what she preaches. She's the kind of person who opens her home to those in need, who feeds the hungry, and who gives rest to the weary.

Eliza and Mike put began the process of walking the walk last year when they decided to go through the process of becoming foster parents with the intention of adopting. They faithfully attended their classes, filled out paperwork, opened their home to caseworkers, with the hopes that they will one day share their home with more children. Any kid would be so lucky to grow up in the Morrill home. And society as a whole would benefit from even one more child experiencing the love and acceptance that exists in the four walls occupied by Eliza and her brood.

At the heart of all she does, Eliza values people. Relationships are the basis for all she does, whether at home or at work. She lives life, real life with those around her. She’s honest when she feels overwhelmed. And she is the first to offer a helping hand when others are in need. Eliza works hard for what she has and is proof that we can have it all; marriage, kids, career, and community.

The world needs more people who value people, who value relationships. The world needs more people who value community and who understand the need to get our hands dirty right here at home. The world needs more people like Eliza Morrill.