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Remembering what Matters-Crosspost from GeorgiaPol.Com

**Yesterday afternoon, Jon Richards, the editor of (among other things) died after a short battle with cancer. You can read more about him here and here and here.** I didn't know Jon Richards as well as others here. But I do know people who cared deeply for him. And I care deeply for them.

Death is weird. It is a show-stopping, non-discrimitory, perspective changing, stop-you-in-your-tracks, and the absolute one thing in life you can count on happening to everybody. It can bring out the worst in us. And it can bring out the best.

I am convinced that the passing of Jon Richards has brought out the best in our little corner of the world. From Jon's last day at the Capitol and the love and respect showered on him from the Governor's office and beyond, to the respects paid by those near and far, on social media and by major news outlets. But especially by the incredible example of loyalty and genuine friendship shown to Jon by our own Charlie Harper.

There is nothing so intimate, so loving, so personal, as helping someone pass from this life into the next. And Charlie was a part of that for Jon. He selflessly gave of his time, lovingly walked with Jon's family, and advocated for Jon when Jon was unable to do so for himself. Charlie left not one stone unturned, made every necessary phone call, reached out to anyone he could think of, in an effort to make these last few months as easy on Jon and his family as they could be.

That is friendship. That is loyalty. That is selflessness. That is humanity.

It's nice to think that what we do here at GaPol matters. It feels good to feel like you are sharing some tidbit of knowledge or information that will help something or someone. But let me share something that really matters.

People matter. Relationships matter. Spending time with the people you love matters.

Most peoples lives will continue as normal today. But some will feel a void for the foreseeable future. Be kind. Reach out. Check in. Because that is what really matters.