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Bloomers Lawn and Garden Shop

Nestled comfortably on the corner of 13th Street and 13th Avenue, Bloomers, formerly the home of the Lee Baird nursery, is a gardener's oasis. Family owned and operated by four sisters-both blood and by marriage-Renee Roth, Valerie Aust, Amy Sudduth, and Angie Benoit have taken their love of nature and their mother’s garden and are excited about sharing their passion with Columbus. Celebrating a little over a year in their Midtown location, these ladies have been in business since 2014 at their Macon Road location, purchased from Neal Womack-a Columbus icon in the gardening world. In addition, they just brought well known landscape artist, Ken Ellison, on board for yet another expansion of their ever growing business. With four knowledgeable owners and a great team of employees, Bloomers is quickly becoming the go-to garden stop in Columbus. And while sister-in-law Amy will laughingly tell you that gardening is not necessarily in her background, Valerie has the gardening gene running through her veins. Her mother, Jean Daniel, was always in the garden. “We were out there too,unless mother needed time away from us,” she laughs. Valerie has worked off and on in greenhouses, her junior high science project was centered around gardening, and as a mother, it is something she has shared with her, now grown, children. So, it seemed natural to come into this business with her sisters. Quick to name the different plants and flowers around the shop, Valerie became almost giddy when she announced Bloomers would carry a limited amount of David Austin roses this spring. “David Austin roses,” she explains, “are true English roses and they are gorgeous and fragrant. We will only have a limited quantity, so when you see the announcement, get here fast.” In addition, Bloomers will have a variety of Peonies this spring and new perennials.

But you’ll uncover more than plants at Bloomers. Inside the Midtown gift shop, you’ll spot items by local artists including Jill Phillips, Jo Ferris, and Vickie Bush, as well as some of Margaret Amos’ delicious cheese straws. Far from your everyday gift shop, look for the Corinthian wind chimes which are hand tuned, beautifully realistic orchid drop-ins, as well as items from the Park Hill Home and Garden collection. Bloomers offers Cole’s Brand Bird Seed-a higher quality seed, gorgeous ceramic pots, preserved box woods, and gifts starting at $10. Don’t have time to pick out a plant, but need a gift in a hurry? Large or small, no worries. Give the ladies over at Bloomers a call, tell them your price range, and they will put together something gorgeous and deliver it.

New to the gardening scene? Bloomers has your back. “Sometimes people walk in with leaves in a sandwich bag,” Amy says. “And they want to know why it died. Most of the time, it’s over watering or it wasn’t in the right light.” “Or it’s the soil,” Valerie chimes in. So how do you decide what to put in your garden? “Again, you have to think about the lighting in your garden, what is the soil condition, and what do you like?” says Valerie. Bloomers has your basic soil testing device and will walk with you through their selections to help you determine what you need and want. “I had a lady call just the other day looking for an Encore Azaleas,” Amy said, “but she was adamant she didn't want pink. She said that is all her grandmother ever had in her garden and she just couldn’t look at another pink Azalea. I said ‘Well, you’re in luck because there are lots of different colors to choose from.” “After you factor in what will grow in your garden, you have to think about what you like,” states Valerie. “If I have customers who are unsure, I walk them around our garden and watch their faces as we stroll by the various plants. I can determine so much by just looking at their faces.” She encourages her customers to think about if they want something that has four seasons or if they are looking for something that will be full for one season.

If you can’t find what you are looking for, add your item to the Wish List at either the Macon Road or Midtown location and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will get it in for you. Bloomers offers a monthly Lawn and Garden guide on their website with directions on how to treat your yard each month and can help you navigate through the growing seasons for successful gardening. “We want to be your one-stop-shop,” says Valerie. “If we don’t have it, we will work to get it here. We want to have relationships with our customers, it’s one of the joys of owning a local business.”

{This article was first published in her Magazine, a publication of the Ledger-Enquirer}